Will We Ever See The End Of Bissell Big Green Vs Rug Doctor Rivalry?


A well-knitted carpet looks great in anyone's drawing room, but the person in charge of cleaning that piece knows how much effort it takes to do it properly. But when you have two great brands going neck to neck to save your day, maybe there is a slight chance the job of carpet cleaning may have got slightly more manageable.

How fierce is the rivalry?

The rivalry of bissell big green vs rug doctor is a much talked about competition in the carpet market, and they both have specific properties in there which can get a better of their rival. The products are quite similar in almost every aspect, but when taken a closer look, we found some aspects which can help us to settle the rug doctor vs bissell conundrum. As the gadget in question is a cleaning appliance which uses water, the tank capacity of the equipment is a question of much importance.

The tank capacity of rug doctor is more than big green; thereby the previous gets a slight edge in the first round of the duel. The warranty for both the products is around five years; thus both are tied in this aspect. When we talk about any gadget which involves moving it from one place to another, lighter the merrier is what we follow.

The rug doctor is marginally lighter in weight in comparison to big green; which gives rug doctor another point in the bissel vs rug doctor rivalry.

The cleaning technology used by both the gadgets:

The primary factor which we consider while purchasing any cleaning gadget is its efficiency on the job. The double stroke technology of bissell gets a serious edge in the competition in comparison to the single stroke technology of its rival. In other words, the bissell cleans a spot twice in one stroke making it a better cleaning agent.

The final verdict:

The bissell big green rental is also quite cheaply available in the market in comparison to rug doctor making it even more favorable for a person to opt for the above gadget. The price of both the devices are mostly the same throughout the year, and word of mouth for both these gadgets is quite similar making it one tough competition to give a final verdict. We feel in the rug doctor vs bissell rivalry, bissell marginally gets better of rug doctor.

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